Our solutions for the protection of your slide-rails machine toolsprotecteurs de glissières 1AL-Industrie proposes you a conception and a custom-made manufacturing of all your telescopic shields. From horizontal crankcases to the double axis, designed to work at very high speed and resistant at attacks of oil and shavings…


Telescopic Shields

AL Industrie proposes you shields pantographs, horizontal shields,
crossbars shield and vertical shields.

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Bellows of protection

Bellows of protection in polyurethane or Kevlar wall, molded bellows, stainless small strip bellows, and banks lifting bellows. AL Industrie proposes you a whole range of bellows to protect your means of production.

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Joint racleur

Scrapers Joints

AL Industrie proposes you a whole range of scrapers joints to equip your telescopic shields and your slide rails of machining center.

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Tapis articulé aluminium - Tapis articulé aluminium

Aluminum articulated carpets

The aluminum apron said articulated carpet aluminum, is a solution of simple and effective protection for all your machine.
The thickness of our carpets varies from 3 mm to 25 mm according to its application.

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Protecteurs enrouleur - Protecteur enrouleur

Spool shields

For the reduced bulkiness requiring a big stroke, the solution of a spool shield is ideal.
All the materials are available per the environment to protect.

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Spirale Inox - Spirale de protection

Spirals protections

Ideals for the independent protection of all your live in ball and with an assembly requiring no intervention on see her,  our spirals of protection in stainless steel offer you the guarantee of a maximal protection.

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Thanks to more and more sharp technics, our teams design protections planned to resist at environments more and more aggressive faster speeds.
Everything is also tested to make sure that the depreciation, the waterproofness and the guide are of the most sophisticated.

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