Metal conveyor belt at the outlet of a hot riveting machine

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs all conveying solutions.
Installed on a rivet manufacturing line, this conveyor allows our customer to release his machine while limiting the intervention of his operator. Indeed, until the hour the operator had to manually empty the dumpsters in which the rivets were falling which required time and risk of accidents. From now on, the AL Industrie conveyor replaces this process and has therefore enabled our client to gain in productivity.


Always with the aim of improving the efficiency of your production lines, AL Industrie offers all types of solutions to increase the productivity of your machines.

Hammered belt with 38.1 mm pitch


Receiving hopper


Suction outlet


Unloading chute


Solenoid valve kit for blowing ramp


Motorization with rotation detector


Design by our design office



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