Series of conveyors for steel scrap from CNC lathes BERTHIEZ TFM125

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs all conveying solutions. Perforated conveyor belts designed and manufactured by AL Industrie for the purpose of transporting steel shavings falling from BERTHIEZ TFM125 vertical lathes.

BERTHIEZ TFM125 Vertical lathe

In order to recover steel shavings under digital control lathes, AL Industrie has designed a conveying system that can transport the different chips generated. This system has been designed so our customer can convey his shavings to skips which he then empties with a loader. Each of the conveyors is equipped with a perforated metal belt with a step of 63 mm, so AL Industrie has designed them to be placed under or next to the machine. This allows the conveyor to remount the shavings it recovers under the BERTHIEZ machine to the bin. Supported by tubular legs, the conveyors are also equipped with retention tanks to be able to recover, filter and reuse the cutting oils of each machine.


Always with the aim of improving the efficiency of your production lines, AL Industrie offers all types of solutions to increase the productivity of your machines.

Perforated belt with a step of 63 mm


Trash collection tank


Pumping pump location


Motor with torque limiter


Design by our design office


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