Bio-energetic metal belt conveyor

Converting available waste into energy, all fully recoverable on site with the key to reducing the energy bill, reducing its carbon footprint and re-energizing the local economy … such is the vocation of our client.

Bioenergetic central belt conveyor

As a manufacturer and installer of bioenergy plants, our client upgrades sourced bio waste to produce electricity and heat through its own bioenergy plants.

These bioenergetic cogeneration plants simultaneously produce electricity and heat.



Biomass gasification is a process that uses plant material such as wood to extract a synthesis gas. The transformation process is established in a reactor in four successive phases which are drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction.

The gasification unit is the master element of the solution. It transforms biomass (wood) into synthetic gas, which is then recycled by another module to produce either heat alone or heat + electricity (cogeneration).


The energy production unit recovers the gas from the gasification unit for a heat + electricity conversion. It is a gas engine associated with an alternator; which generates electricity. Heat is produced through a heat exchanger that cools the gases before they enter the engine.

Al industry feeds the UGZ module in wood via a galvanized electro-belt conveyor specially designed for this highly innovative bioenergetic solution.


This conveyor was designed and manufactured by AL Industrie in order to supply the bioenergetic power station. The belt conveyor recovers the wood chips from a storage module and transports them to the gasification unit according to its demand. It is fully automated. Since the AL Industrie conveyor works outdoors, the 63 mm step belt is electro-galvanized. The flange located at the rear of the conveyor will allow our customer to extend his conveyor as needed and thus, increase the power of his bioenergetic facility by adding a second storage unit.


A whole range of conveyors is dedicated to the wood industry for conveying all kinds of materials: sawdust conveyor, wood chip conveyor, wood chip conveyor, wood pellet conveyor, ash conveyor, …

Electro-galvanized metal belt

Electro-galvanized metal belt

Motorization with rotation detector fully covered

Motorization central gasification conveyor

Design by our design office


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