Shavings conveyor for a TACCHI HD-1000 digital control lathe

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs all conveying solutions.


In the process of machining and grinding, steel chips and cast iron are projected inside the machine TACCHI HD-1000. In order to evacuate them, AL-Industrie has designed and installed a conveyor that can channel the waste throughout the entire machining period, and then reassemble them to skips outside the facility. Equipped with a high-strength hammered metal mat, the conveyor evacuates chips as drilling, machining, and grinding progress.

Chip conveyor lathe tacchi

The performance of our customer’s production line has been optimized and has allowed the process to keep the same performance while recovering steel and cast iron scrap but, above all, without damaging the CNC lathe.

Tacchi HD-1000 Conveyor

Always with the aim of improving the efficiency of your production lines, AL Industrie offers all types of solutions to increase the productivity of your machines.

Hammered belt high resistance


Motorization with rotation detector


Design by our design office

TACCHI HDI 1000 CNC lathe conveyor

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