Scraper conveyor for a mobile sludge dewatering unit

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs all conveying solutions. Slide-mounted squeegee conveyor designed and manufactured by AL Industrie to release a mobile unit from dewatered sludge falling from its machine.

Mud mobile unit conveyor

In the present case, one of our customers called on AL Industrie to replace an existing conveyor with a slide-mounted scraper conveyor, thus limiting the space requirement. This new system releases the mobile sludge dewatering unit. AL Industrie took over the dimensions of the existing conveyor and adapted them to its patented and totally revolutionary conveyor design. To allow better management of this conveyor, our teams have installed a geared motor with torque limiter having a rotation detection cell. This system allows the conveyor to cut for safety if a problem arises. In addition we have designed this conveyor with a system of slides for guiding, and a cable chain for the protection of the cables of the control box. Thus, our customer has benefited from a new conveyor system, less bulky than the previous one and, above all, more evolved.


Always with the aim of improving the efficiency of your production lines, AL Industrie offers all kinds of solutions to increase the productivity of your machines.

Conveyor on slides with cable handling chain


Motorization with rotation detector


Control box


Design by our design office


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