ARISA press conveyors

ARISA 8000 press conveyors

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs all conveying solutions. In this case, the conveyors were designed and manufactured by AL Industrie to equip an ARISA 8000 press.


Placed under chutes, the conveyors recover steel and aluminum falling from the ARISA press of our client. The troughs distribute each material in their respective conveyors to allow our customer to sort out their drops when the chips are removed to external buckets.


Equipped with tracks made of wear-resistant steel, hammered carpet with a pitch of 63 mm, or a motor with increased safety, our two conveyors have allowed our customer to optimize the performance of his ARISA 8000 press, and thus, to gain productivity.


In this case, our customer chose AL Industrie in order to benefit from a high-performance, sustainable and economical conveying solution, which is why we have supported it throughout the design, manufacture and installation, in order to respond in the best way to his needs.

Always with the aim of improving the output of your production lines, AL Industrie offers all types of solutions combining an exclusive design structure with unequaled robustness, allowing to increase the productivity of your machines.


Each conveyor is composed of :

  • A 14,000 mm feed ;
  • An elevation angle of 45 ° ;
  • Unloading height of 7,400 mm ;
  • A hammered belt with 63 mm step ;

Waste recovery over a 15 meters length under the press


Elevation of the conveyors on 8 m of height


Design by our design office


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