Belt conveyor BROTHER TC R2B

Conveyor shavings centers of tapping with digital controls BROTHER TC-R2B

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs any convoying solutions.

CONVOYEUR brother-tc-r2b-cnc-vertical-machining-center
Tapping center CNC BROTHER TC-R2B

This conveyor was designed and manufactured in order to free a tapping center with digital controls to its steel shavings crushed and liquids.
Our Customer used  has installed a new machine in its manufacturing process so as to dig , drill its products to insert a step screw. This BROTHER TC-R2B generating a lots of shavings during of this tapping, it decided to call a AL Industrie so as to convey its 0.3 cubic metres of steel shavings crushed to a grab.
Always to improve, AL Industrie installed of « light » throughout of the box that provide trainees liquids of flow to a pit therefor. Thus, shavings and oils is separated to allow recycling.
Having some parts around the machine, Unis have installed a sheet metal and the operator  to walk in the conveyor safely to be close tapped piece.
Thanks to our design and revolutionary technology, this conveyor adapts itself to all the others CNC of this type.

BROTHER TC R2B conveyor

Always with the aim of improving your production lines efficiency, AL Industrie offers all solution types allowing to increase the productivity of your machines.

System of training by pine nuts

Exercising conveyor BROTHER TC-R2B.png

Belt in step of 63 mm

Belt conveyor BROTHER TC-R2B.jpg

Lights for cutting liquids passage

Box conveyor BROTHER TC R2B.jpg

Bulb plate in reinforced steel

Strengthened sheet steel conveyor BROTHER TC R2B

Rising + Sheet metal foot

Rise conveyor BROTHER TC R2B.png

Motorization with torque limiting

Motorization conveyor BROTHER TC R2B.jpg

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Belt conveyor AL Industrie

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