Shavings conveyors

Arrays of conveyors allowing to evacuate shavings on a bench of drilling of 40 m for the manufacturing of railroad rails

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs any convoying solutions.

Rails conveyors.png

During the drilling of the railroad rails, shavings are thrown inside machines conceived for this process. In this case, our customer generate shavings of steel on all the length of its bench of drilling high precision of 40 m.
To evacuate shavings, AL-Industrie designed and set up 4 conveyors straight ahead of 10 m allowing to channel waste on all the length 40 m may go back up them in 3 points towards grabs outside the installation. Equipped with metallic belt of high strength, conveyors evacuate shavings according to the railroad drilling of rails. Our engineering consulting firm also installed extended gutters of unloading allowing to guide in a better way the falls of steel and aluminum towards grabs.

drilling machine conveyor.jpg
A bench of drilling / sawing 42 meters long with two wagons each equipped with a store of 40 tools.

The efficiency on the production line of our customer was optimized and allowed its process of drilling to keep the same yield without damaging the machine.


Always with the aim of improving your production lines efficiency, AL Industrie offers all solution types allowing to increase the productivity of your machines.

Conveyors bench of drilling.jpg

System of training by pine nuts

AL Industrie conveyors.jpg

High-strength smooth carpet

Belt conveyors.jpg

Spout of discharge

Bench of drilling conveyor

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Bench of drlling of railsConveyor bench of drilling of rails

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