Telescopic cover VISIONWIDE VTECH SF2620

Telescopic cover for a gantry vertical VISIONWIDE VTECH SF2620 machining center

AL-Industrie offers you a design and a custom-made manufacturing of all your telescopic covers. From horizontal crankcases to the double axes, designed to work at very high speed, resistant in all the attacks of oil and shavings.


Crankcase protecting a gantry vertical VISIONWIDE VTECH SF2620 in its X Left axis.
This telescopic cover of 5 calenders is guided by bearings fixed on each calender. This system allows the bending and unfolding of each element, to protect the best the customer machine.
It is also equipped with a bulb plate on the upper element,
Il est également équipé d’une tôle armée sur l’élément supérieur, so that the operator can walk on the crankcase and thus be next to the machined part.


We know the telescopic cover will suffer a lot of damage due to the different oils and shavings falling from the machine, that’s why it has been manufactured with the cushioning, the tightness and the guiding the more perfectionned.

Bulb plate

Telescopic cover AL Industrie

Crankcase guiding

Guiding telescopic cover

Scraper joints

Scraper joints VISIONWIDE VTECH SF2620

Design by our engineering consulting firm

AL Industrie telescopic cover

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