Conveyor you ji vtl 1600.jpg

Belt conveyor for the transport of shavings steel falling of a vertical center You Ji VTL 1600

AL Industrie desings, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.
Metallic belt conveyor conceived and manufactured by AL Industrie in order to transport shavings steel falling of a YOU JI VTL 1600 vertical center.

YOU JI VTL 1600 vertical center

To free a vertical machining center YOU JI VTL on 1600, AL INDUSTRIE created a conveyor capable of separating the 20kg of shavings per hour from liters of liquid of cut falling by the machine.
To do it, our engineering consulting firm installed a metallic belt in the step of 63 mm allowing liquids to get through while keeping shavings. So, the free-running steel is escorted up to a tub positioned outside in the machine YOU JI before being treated by an operator.
In a way that liquids escape from the box of the conveyor once to have crossed the carpet, our technicians drilled the box to obtain “lights” which let pour liquids towards a tub situated below the conveyor.
Our customer gets back then the latter and filters them to being able to reuse them.

YOU JI VTL 1600 Conveying.jpg

Always with the aim of improving your production lines efficiency, AL Industrie offers all solution types allowing to increase the productivity of your machines.

Metallic belt of 38 mm step

Belt conveyor for YOU JI VTL 1600.jpg

Lights for the passage of liquids

AL Industrie box conveyor.jpg

Shavings throat

Shavings throat.jpg

Motorization with torque limiting

Conveyor motorization.jpg

Rotation detector

Rotation detector for conveyor.jpg

Design by our engineering consulting firm

You ji vtl conveyor.jpg

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