Magnetic conveyor AL Industrie
Elevator magnetic conveyor

Magnetic conveyor evacuation of press falls .

AL Industrie desings, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.

Magnetic conveyor
Right magnetic conveyor

These two magnetic conveyors were designed, manufactured and installed by AL Industrie in order to evacuate the different falls from a manufacture press.
These conveyors belong to underground array which evacuates to a main conveyor spilling into a grab outside the factory. In this way, our customer can optimize the machine performance but also treat all his shavings in the same way.

Our magnetic conveyors entirely in Inox, convey the shavings thanks to fixed magnet on a chain.

His metallic coating in inox allows to recover shavings which then are moved by the magnets force flowing below.

AL Industrie conveyor

Neodymium magnet bars bolted on side chains

AL Industrie magnetic conveyor

Conveyors implementation

In this case, a straight conveyor and a lift conveyor compound the installation made by AL Industrie on the customer press.

Press conveyor

Indeed, the straight conveyor collects the different shavings falls under the press and convey them to the lift conveyor.

Press conveyor AL Industrie

The magnetic lift conveyor discharge in turn the stamping falls in a grab.

Conveyor for press

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