OMV UNIKA bellows.jpg

Bellows of protection with stainless scales installed on Z axis of machining center OMV UNIKA

AL Industrie proposes you a whole range of bellows for the protection of your means of production.

OMV UNIKA machining center

During the manufacturing of parts crossing in this center 3 axes forms shavings which damages the machine and some of these components.
Thus AL Industrie set up a bellows of protection in painting wrinkled equipped with Stainless scales and installed on the axis Z of the machining center 3 axes OMV UNIKA.

Bellows of protection.jpg

This bellows allows an optimal protection of the machine and his operator, but is also even protected to him by scales in stainless steel.
They allow the bellows of developed and of compressed decently while avoiding that shavings of manufacturing come to be stuck between the various folds of 25mm.

25 mm Folds

Bellows folds.jpg

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Stainless scales bellows.png

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