Inox fragmented conveyor for a ARBOGA-DARENTH wringer

AL Industrie desings, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.
This belt conveyor was designed and manufactured by AL Industrie in order to equip a ARBOGA-DARENTH wringer line.

This installation allows to process machining shavings, crushing, draining, filtration

Equipped with smooth metallic belt of 63 mm step, this conveyor collects fragmented inox shavings and oils via a hopper. This hopper of 600 milimeters height is installed throughout the conveyor’s feeding to collect the shavings fallings which flow in mass and may be projected out of the cleaning line.

The lift angle of 60° allows our customer to pull up his inox shavings up to a discharge height of 1750 mm. Thanks to this, the fragmented inox falls back into the customer ARBOGA-DARENTH line.

For its side, the cutting liquid (oils, …) is recover by a filtration bin directly integrated to AL Industrie conveyor so as to clean this liquid and recycle it. It saves time and money for our customer who optimizes his ARBOGA-DARENTH line performance.

Conveying ARBOGA

Always with the aim of improving your production lines efficiency, AL Industrie offers all solution types allowing to increase the productivity of your machines.

Smooth belt of 63 mm step

Smooth belt conveyor AL Industrie

Lift angle of 60°

Conveying solution

Hopper in feeding

Hopper conveyor

Liquids filtration bin

Filtration bin conveyor

Design by our engineering consulting firm


Industrial conveying

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