Conveyor AL Industrie

Conveyor allowing the fragmented plastic transport at the scaling machine exit

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.

Scaling drum

In this case, this conveyor was designed and manufactured by AL Industrie in order to transport fragmented plastic coming out of a scaly.
The 1.5m³ per hour of plastic are then transported to a grab placed under the AL Industrie conveyor head thanks to a hammered belt with 38mm step.  This large belt (width of 1400mm) is equipped with bars welded every 15 steps. In this way, our customer can recycle his wastes and optimize the production line efficiency.

The conveyor dimensions:

  • Feeding: 900mm
  • Lift angle : 45°
  • Discharge height : 650 mm
  • Belt width : 1400 mm

Always with the aim of improving your production lines efficiency, AL Industrie offers all solution type allowing to increase the productivity of your machines.

Hammered belt of 38mm step

hammered belt conveyor

Belt width of 1400mm

Conveyor box AL industrie

Motorization with integrated torque limiter

Motorization conveyor AL Industrie

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Conveyor ALIndustrie

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