Screw conveyor for transporting aluminum powder

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.

This screw conveyor has been designed to transport aluminum in various forms such as powder, dust or fine parts.
Equipped with a screw of 5300 millimiters long, it discharges its shavings from a height around 3 meters. This screw with 200 millimiters step rotates in a trough box of 220*220 mm.
Equipped with an inlet and outlet hopper to the powders and others shavings, it allows our customer to evacuate his production line while limiting dust expansion in his workshop.
Once inside our conveyor, the powder is discharged to another screw conveyor via a watertight chute, then brought to large bins outside the company.

Screw of 200mm step

screw conveyor

Receiving hopper

Conveyor AL Industrie hopper

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Conveying AL Industrie

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