Slides scrapers

Shaping scrapers for machine tool slides

AL Industrie offers you a range of slides scrapers to equip your telescopic covers and machining center slides.

The scrapers are essential for keeping the slides in an optimal functional state, thus increasing the machining center lifetime.
Even if the slides are already protected by crankcases, it is necessary to scrape the fine particles which can penetrate inside the various elements constituting a machine.
In this case, a lot of different slides scrapers will allow our customer to protect his machine easily. Indeed, shape scrapers are simple to replace and mount on slides, and remain extremely resistant products.

The shape scrapers are :

  • Very resistant to abrasion
  • Have excellent mechanical properties
  • Can support a short term temperature of 130°C
  • Can support a constant temperature of 90°C
  • Limited resistance to acids, alkaline solutions and petroleum
  • Resistant to mineral oils and cooling liquids
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
  • Excellent resistance to microorganisms

They are available in the short term to quickly meet your protection needs and avoid a possible degradation of your machinining tools.

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