telescopic cover Citizen CL200

Telescopic cover for a machining center CITIZEN CL200 on its X right axis

AL-Industrie offers you a design and a custom-made manufacturing of all your telescopic covers. From horizontal crankcases to the double axes, designed to work at very high speed, resistant to all the attacks of oil and shavings.

This telescopic protector was designed and manufactured by AL Industrie to equip a CITIZEN CL 200 machine tool on its X right axis.
Guided by brass skates, this crankcase aims to protect the machine of our customer, and thus to allow him to gain productivity.
Attached to the CITIZEN machine by a first plate in the back, the telescopic cover is also supported thanks to the plate below the latter. It allows it to avoid any stall risk, and thus to avoid possible machine damage.
In addition to the scraper joints slipped into the frames patented by AL Industrie, a second type of scraper is placed on the largest element of the crankcase, which allows it to scrape the smallest parts present on a slide located on the machine side.

Scraper joints

AL Industrie Telescopic cover Citizen CL200

Slide scraper

Scraper Citizen CL200

Fixation plate located below the crankcasecrankcase CL200 Citizen

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Citizen CL200 telescopic cover

Telescopic cover AL Industrie

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