conveyor zani motion master hd 400

Press release parts conveyor ZANI MOTION MASTER HD400

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.

The conveyor was designed and manufactured by AL Industrie in order to equip a ZANI MOTION MASTER HD400 press. The latter collects dimensions workpieces of 300*400 millimeters falling from the press and back up them to evacuate the machine.
Equipped with a hammered perforated belt, the conveyor allows our customers to back up his workpieces, even those which will be susceptible to stick to the belt. This is done thanks to the hammered belt aspect. To avoid any additional risk of shavings or pieces sticked of the belt, a brush has also been placed at the conveyor head, to avoid parts return in the box and so the dammage to this one.
The belt is also perforated to let pass the 10L/minute of cutting liquid to evacuate them to the back bin.
This back bin allows our customer to filter his cutting oil before evacuate this one.
Dropsides with visit trapdoor have also been disposed at the conveyor rising. It allows operators to check or visit the conveyor at every time and so facilitate its maintenance.

Hammered – perfored belt

perfored hammered belt conveyor

Rotating brush

rotating brush conveyor Al Industrie

Back bin

liquid bin conveyor AL Industrie

Motorization – Torque limiter

motorization conveyor AL Industrie

Design by our engineering consulting firm

press conveyor masterconveying-al-industrie


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