Belt conveyor

Troughed belt conveyor for metals and household waste transport

AL Industrie designs, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.

This conveyor was designed to collect household waste and all kinds of metal under LIDEX shear, to transport them to an outdoor evacuation skip.
It has been installed in order to optimize the LIDEX shear efficiency, and thus to increase the capacity of our client to sort his wastes.
In accordance to separate metals and household waste, an Overband has been placed over the conveyor head by our customer to magnetize the metals which are then sent to another skip. In order to allow this process, the conveyor head and the last 3 meters of the feeding have been designed only in stainless steel, to avoid any grip risk of the conveyor by the Overband magnet.

conveyor AL Industrie

Supported by a tubular structure, the conveyor executes this process with a troughed rafter band to any waste or metals which falling on the belt can fall during the movement.
The latter is driven by a geared motor with torque limiter which allows the band movement on the different rollers.
This conveying type allows our customers to optimize the efficiency of their machines and thus to gain productivity by evacuating their shavings, products, waste…

Troughed belt with shavings

troughed belt conveyor Al industrie

Weights reception hopper

hopper conveyor AL Industrie

Motorization roller

Al industrie troughed belt waste conveyor

Band support rollers

Al industrie roller

Rotation detectorRotation detector conveyor

Emergency stop system

emergency stop conveyor AL Industrie


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