Conveyor foundry cast iron weights

Conveyor installed under a press allowing the foundry mechanical part transport

AL Industrie desings, manufactures and installs any conveying solutions.

This conveyor was designed by AL Industrie in order to evacuate a press from the various foundry weights dropping  to the latter.
It is equipped to a reinforced belt of 63mm step allowing the transport of these workpieces of dimensions 100 x 150 x 100 mm. A claw has also been installed at the conveyor head to limit the risk of returning the products to the conveyor box. That’s why, we also find a trapdoor under the conveyor box which in case of return of parts evacuates them to the ground.

Conveyor dimensions :

  • Feeding length : 1200 mm
  • Lift angle : 45 °
  • Discharge height : 1800 mm
  • Head length : 700 mm
  • Total length   : 4334 mm
  • Box height : 300 mm
  • Box width : 553 mm

This type of conveyor is the most used to foundry weight transport applications, heavy parts.

Reinforced belt of 63mm step

AL Industrie conveyor

Shavings drain

Conveyor AL industrie

Conveyor feeding

AL Industrie conveyor foundry cast iron weights

Rising + Head

AL industrie foundry cast iron weights conveyor

Claw avoiding a return of workpieces in the box

AL Industrie foundry cast iron weights

Exit trapdoor in case of weights return

AL Industrie foundry cast iron

Motorization with torque limiter

motorization conveyor AL industrie

Design by our engineering consulting firm

cast iron piece conveyor

conveyor cast iron piece


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