Telescopic cover Lieder MCV1700

Telescopic cover for a vertical machining center 3 axis LIEDER MCV 1700

AL-Industrie proposes you a design and a custom-made manufacturing of all your telescopic covers. From horizontal crankcases to the double axes, designed to work at very high speed, resistant in all the attacks of oil and shavings.

This telescopic cover has been designed for a LIEDER MCV 1700 machining center. It is installed on the X right axis of the machine and will therefore allow to protect the operator machining the workpiece as well as the machine itself.
Indeed, when we machine a workpiece, there is a projection risk of small shavings, oils… That’s why it’s important to protect all elements that may be damaged.
It is guided by a brass skates system.

Scraper joints

Lieder MCV1700 Telescopic protector

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Telescopic cover


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