convoyeur-presse-bret-320t-e1499868022625 (2)

Conveyor of falls of steel under press BRET 320 tons

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

Our customer asked us to install him a conveyor with the aim of optimizing the evacuation of his falls, and thus the yield on his press.
This conveyor is installed under a press BRET 320 tons so as to get back the falls going out of the press.
Rooms falling by the press in the conveyor:

  • Maxi size: 300*300 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm minimum
  • Diameter of 15 mm

This conveyor is equipped with a hammered belt in the step of 63 mm so that the falls of our customer do not remain stuck on the blet of the conveyor, and the same with the present oil.
The request of our customer was particular all the more, because he wished to benefit from trapdoors of access so as to be able to release the conveyor without moving it too much of his location.

Hammered belt in the step of 63 mm

Hammered belt conveyor for press bret 320t

Structure conveyor with foot sheet metal

AL Industrie conveyor

Motorization with torque-limiting

Motorization with torque limiting

Inspection hatch

Design by our consulting engineering firm

Hammered belt conveyorHammered belt conveyor AL Industrie

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