AL Industrie belt conveyorBelt conveyor AL Industrie

Belt conveyor transporting some aluminum split up towards a machine tools

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

This conveyor with belt in the step of 100 mm is placed upstream to a machine tools and is intended for the transport of split up and/or crushed aluminum.
He is equipped with a hopper supplied by our customer, allowing the unloading of shavings by a truck in the conveyor.
This solution of conveying allows our customer to transport more than a ton of shavings per hour, that is why the motorization of this conveyor was adapted to the flow, then overturned to be protected at the most.

Very used in the middle of the mechanics as well as the sheet metal workshop, our conveyors allow you to optimize your flows and to improve the productivity.

Metallic belt in step of 100 mm

AL Industrie conveyor

Hopper supplied by our customer

Hopper for conveyor

Motorization with torque-limiting

Motorization of conveyor

Rotation detector


Rotation detector

Design by our engineering consulting firm


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