MORI-SEIKI conveyor

Belt conveyor for a two spindle turning center MORI-SEIKI ZL15S

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

Conveyor with a belt in step of 38 mm getting back the falls of sheet steel of a two spindle turning center MORI-SEIKI ZL15S.
This conveyor is installed under the machine of our customer and goes back up shavings thanks to:

  • One fits out of 1650 mm situated under the machine and getting back the falls,
  • The belt in the step of 38 mm being 250 mm wide,
  • An angle of raided of 60 °,
  • A 845 mm rise completely overturned with throat enter fits out him and the ascent,
  • The 700 mm head with gutter to discharge the shavings in a bucket.

This conveyor was studied, designed and tested in our factory AL Industrie to meet the needs at best of our customer.

Belt on 250 mm in step of 38 mm

MORI-SEIKI ZL15S conveying

Belt in links steel of a design patented quite unique. Links completely stamped with invisible hinges allowing to guarantee none sticks of shavings:

  • Invisible hinges;
  • Belt horizontal smooth;
  • None stick of shavings;
  • Stamped side fins;
  • Better resistance;
  • No risk of unhooking contrary to a welded version;
  • Versions links hammered;
  • Chain laterals high strength.

Drain inlet enter fits out and rise

Drain inlet conveyor AL Industrie

Drain inlet of shavings allowing to snatch the chips dice the rise and to maintain them in position until the unloading of head.

Structure conveyor with foot sheet metal workshop

AL Industrie Conveyor structure

AL Industrie designed his new model of conveyor with a completely rounded off superior and lower structure. She allows to guarantee an optimal support of every types of shavings and in all the situations:

  • Round hood of rise at first;
  • Hood of rise rounded off in the head;
  • Inferior head rounding;
  • Inferior rise rounding;
  • Round conveyor Back;
  • Foot steelwork for a better support.

So shavings transported are always guided in a constant space without any zone of collision nor storage. We avoid all the risks of stuffing.

Motorization with torque-limiting

Motorization MORI-SEIKI conveyor

Completely pulled conveyor and mechanically protect by one motorcycle-reducer with torque-limiting. The slightest blocking connected to an outside incident activates the clutch when this one arrives at the critical couple:

  • Motorcycle reducer equipped with series;
  • Regulation of the couple criticizes in the yellow case;
  • Set coupled with a detector of rotation which informs you that the engine turns in the space.

This mechanical system is contrary to motorcycles-reducers gone up on pivot with a detector on spring, allows to guarantee that the blocking pulls no breakage of your conveyor.

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Belt conveyor AL IndustrieMORI-SEIKIE ZL15S conveyor

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