Telescopic cover before the reconditioning

Telescopic cover FTP DINO

Telescopic cover after the reconditioning

FTP DINO telescopic cover

Reconditioning of a telescopic cover for a 5 axis milling machine FTP DINO

AL INDUSTRIE proposes the reconditioning of your telescopic cover when their condition still allows it. Thanks to it, you benefit from a crankcase as new at a lower cost.

Here, a telescopic cover equipping a milling machine 5 axes FPT Dino. The crankcase protects the machine of the various projections on its axis X Front.
As for every renovation, the protector in undergone a complete dismantling in our factory before each of its elements are cleaned.
Then, the sheet metal workshop of every element in summer calibrated, before the existing joints are replaced by a system of waterproofness protected Armature + Joined.
The mechanical parts of guide were all replaced before our technicians make the finish of each of the elements by working again the state of surface by orbital process.
Assembly final, oiling and try in our factory.

Waterproofness Armatures + Joints

Teslescopic cover waterproofness FTP DINO

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