Scrapers conveyor

Pivotable scrapers Inox in the step of 63 mm

AL Industrie scrapers

  • High-strength chain ;
  • Strong scrapers thickness ;
  • Scrapers assembly on pivot;
  • Dynamic scraping ;
  • Knockdown scrapers ;
  • Easy to change.

Rear structure with completely knockdown cogs

Back conveyor AL Industrie

Back cogs pulling the belt completely knockdown :

  • Guide of the tree by stages equipped with auto-lubricating rings ;
  • Carrier straps of easily accessible chain ;
  • Optional back cogs, and advised as a bossages replacement.

In case of intense use of the conveyor.

Motorization – Torque-Limiting

Conveyor motorization

Completely pulled conveyor and mechanically protected by one motorcycle reducer with torque-limiting couple. The slightest blocking connected to an outside incident activates the clutch when this one arrives at the critical couple.

  • Motorcycle reducer equipped with series ;
  • Regulation of the couple criticizes in the yellow case ;
  • Set coupled with a detector of rotation which informs you that the engine turns in the space.

This mechanical system and contrary to motorcycles-reducers gone up on pivot with a detector on spring, allows to guarantee that the blocking pulls no breakage of your conveyor.

Design by our engineering consulting firm

AL Industrie conveyingAL Industrie conveyor

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