AL Industrie conveyor sorter of materials

Conveyor sorter transporting aluminum shavings and steel shavings got out of it from machine tool DANOBAT

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

This conveyor is provided with two differents belts : A metallic belt, and a magnetic belt.
The belt smooths situated inside the machine, get back all the falls of the machine DANOBAT, and transport them outside of the latter. Once outside, the smooth belt manages the falls of aluminum towards a pit, whereas a magnetized belt situated above the smooth gets back the steel to escort it towards a container.
Once installed on machine, this type of conveyor allows our customers to optimize the efficiency on their machines and thus, to improve the productivity.

Smooth belt in the step of 38 mm

Smooth belt AL Industrie

Magnetic belt in the step of 38 mm equipped with magnets

Magnetic belt AL Industrie

Motorization with torque-limiting

Motorization conveyor AL Industrie

Rotation detector

Detector rotation of conveyor

Boxes of order

Boxes of order conveyor

Design by our engineering consulting firmConveyor sorter of materials AL IndustrieSorter conveyor

On-site installation of this type of conveyor

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