Telescopic cover before the reconditioning :

HRUON EXC20 Telescopic cover

Telescopic cover after the reconditioning :

HURON EXC20 crankcase

Reconditioning of a telescopic cover HURON EXC 20 of Axis Y

AL Industrie proposes the reconditioning of your telescopic cover when their condition still allows it. Thanks to it, you benefit from a crankcase as new at a lower cost.

Here, a telescopic crankcase equipping a HURON EXC20 machining center.
This protector is installed in axis Y on the machine, and is going to allow our customer to protect his machine at a lower cost.

Protector equipped with a pantograph allowing the movement coordinated calenders.

The Advantages: low Budget – very fast Delay – guaranteed technical Reliability …

Fast coverage and lead time lower than 1 week. All your telescopic covers are repairable.

  • Low budget : reconditioning crankcase, 60 % less expensive than a new protector
  • Very fast delay : coverage and repair of your crankcase within one week
  • Technical reliability: after repair your protector finds a guarantee manufacturer 6 in 12 months

Telescopic cover HURON EXC20

Detail of our service Guaranteed 6-12 months

  • Complete dismantling of the crankcase in our factory ;
  • Dismantling and cleaning of every element ;
  • Calibration sheet metal of every element (Flatness, squareness, geometry) ;
  • Replacement of the existing joints by a system of waterproofness protected Armature + joints ;
  • Replacement of the mechanical parts of guide ;
  • Finish of each of the elements (State of surface worked again by orbital process) ;
  • Final assembly, oiling and try in our factory.

How make revise your protector?

  • Fill and send the index card this joined to our services ” Index card revision protector ” ;
  • To send us a photo of your protector ;
  • In reception you will receive an estimate of reconditioning during the day ;
  • Send your crankcase for repair on our production site ;
  • Your crankcase will be taken care the day of reception ;
  • One week later you will receive your revised protector and guaranteed 6 in 12 months.

Ask for your estimate on !

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