Conveyor with belt hammered, intended for the transport of oily and sticky shavings

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

Ideal for the transport of your shavings and parts, this conveyor is equipped with a belt in the step of 63 mm, model the most common in the mechanical engineering industry.
This solution is the most adapted to the evacuation of shavings, parts, falls of stamping and collision and many others else.
Here, the belt is hammered to allow the oily parts not to stick on the belt.

Designed and made to measure by our teams AL-Industrie with multiple Innovations in the service of the users of machine tools.

  • Structure and ways of rotation guaranteed 10 years ;
  • Patented high-strength belt ;
  • Hurt shape and rounding for a better rise of every types of shavings ;
  • Knockdown back pine cogs ;
  • Throat in the rise allowing a better guide of all the shavings ;
  • Motorization with limiteur of integrated couple ;
  • Collapses of safety of series ;
  • Optional electric boxes of commands ;
  • Bin for liquids in option ;
  • Rack of filtration inside the optional bin ;
  • Optional joined pump ;
  • Brush so that shavings do not remain stuck on the optional belt.

Structure of box conveyor – Guaranteed 10 years

Hammered belt conveyor AL Industrie

Structure with raceways of type steel rails anti-wear guaranteed 10 years. Design patentee AL Industrie protecting you a holding for life from your box of conveyor : 

  • Raceways of type rails anti-wear allowing a guide completes chains of carpet and protecting a holding for life from the structure;
  • Curves of gone back up manufactured in the mass and handled anti-wear;
  • Space of raceways guarantee by calibrated side reinforcements.

Reinforcements of box – Guaranteed 10 years

AL Industrie hammered belt conveyor

These tubes assure the integrity of the box on all the line of the conveyor.

Rounded off structure – Conception anti-stuffing

AL Industrie conveyor

AL Industrie designed his new model of conveyor with a completely rounded off superior and lower structure. She allows to guarantee an optimal support of every types of shavings and in all the situations: 

  • Round hood of rise at first ;
  • Hood of rise rounded off in the head ;
  • Inferior sucks rounding ;
  • Inferior rise rounding ;
  • Round conveyor Back.

So shavings transported are always guided in a constant space without any zone of collision nor storage. We so avoid all the risks of stuffing.

Steel belt hammered in the step of 63 mm – Conception patented

Drain inlet conveyor

Hide in links steel of a design patented quite unique. Links completely stamped with invisible hinges allowing to guarantee none sticks of shavings : 

  • Invisible hinges ;
  • Belt horizontal smooth ;
  • None stick of shavings ;
  • Stamped side fins ;
  • Better resistance ;
  • No risk of unhooking contrary to a welded version ;
  • Versions links hammered ;
  • Chain laterals high strength.

Knockdown back pine cogs – Optional

Pine cogs conveyor

Back pine nuts pulling the belt completely knockdown : 

  • Guide of the tree stepwise equipped with auto-lubricating rings;
  • Tensioners of easily accessible chain;
  • Optional back Pine cogs, and advised instead of bossages.

In case of intense use of the conveyor.

Drain Inlet of shavings – Design patentee

Drain inlet conveyor

Drain Inlet of shavings allowing to snatch shavings dice the rise and to maintain them in position until the unloading of head (also exist in version strengthened for the balls of shavings) : 

  • Drain Inlet standard as on the photo this later;
  • Drain Inlet strengthened with rounding strong thickness specifically studied for the ascent of the balls of shavings (on request).

Motorization – Torque Limiting

Motorization conveyor AL Industrie

Completely pulled conveyor and mechanically to protect by one motorcycle-reducer with limiteur of integrated couple. The slightest blocking connected to an outside incident activates the clutch when this one arrives at the critical couple : 

  • Motorcycle reducer equipped with series;
  • Regulation of the couple criticizes in the yellow case;
  • Set coupled with a detector of rotation which informs you that the engine turns in the space.

This mechanical system and contrary to motorcycles-reducers taken up on pivot with a detector on spring, allows to guarantee that the blocking entails no breakage of your conveyor.

Collapse of safety – Normalize CE

Collapses conveyor

All the mobile parts of our model T63 are collapsed in the respect for the standards CE. In series a gutter of yellow unloading indicates you the zone of exit of shavings : 

  • Collapse landing right and left knockdown ;
  • Upper collapse knockdown rise ;
  • Collapse before knockdown to reach the belt ;
  • Yellow lower collapse for the fall of shavings.

Hopper of guiding for the products

Hopper of guiding for the products

Hopper allowing the reception of products on the conveyor.

Electric boxes of orders – Optional

Boxes of order conveyor

Boxes of order specifically developed by AL Industrie. They allow you the surveillance and the automatic or manual piloting of your conveyor : 

  • Standard boxes ;
  • Forward/back by impulse ;
  • Emergency shutdown ;
  • Boxe with option variation of speed ;
  • The speed of your conveyor according to the volumes transported allows you to make vary.

Liquids bin – Optional

Liquids bin conveyor

Bin before, back or side allowing you the recycling of your liquids of cutting. Equipped with a railing of filtration and with a custom-made location to install your pump of lifting : 

  • Bin position before ;
  • Bin back position ;
  • Bin position side ;
  • Dimensions and custom-made volume ;
  • Railing or rack of filtration ;
  • Number of compartments on request ;
  • Location pumps to measure ;
  • Drain plug ;
  • Level detector.

Pump of draining – Optional

Pump of filtration conveyor

Pump of draining equipped with a fed capacity joining to the option tub of recovery.
The capacity orders the pump and allows to drain away the tub of the conveyor.

Rack of filtration inside the bin – Optional

Rack of filtationRack of filtration conveyor

Banister of blowing – Optional

Shavings brush conveyor

Banister of blowing associated with the claw, situated downstream to the conveyor.
She propels a jet of air on the bottom of the belt to unstick products remained hung on and to leave in the box of the conveyor.

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Conveyor AL IndustrieAL Industrie belt conveyor

Standard dimensions

Conveyor plans

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