Mobile cabin being of use to the protection of an operator on a boring machine Graffenstaden

AL Industrie proposes you a design and a custom-made manufacturing of all your protections operators and machines.

Here, a mobile cabin allowing the protection of an operator on a boring machine Graffenstaden.
The movement (Before/Back) of the cabin is going to allow the operator to get closer to the room in the course of manufacturing. The latter was designed by way has what its movement Front/back marries perfectly the movement Left/Right of the boring machine Graffenstaden while protecting the employee working on this machine.

Mechanism of guide of the cabin

Operator protection cabin Graffenstaden

A high precision mechanism of guide for a graduated movement of the cabin.
High-quality system equipped with chains, rails and pebbles of high performances.

Electric boxes of order

Operator protection cabin

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Cabin protectionGraffenstaden mobile cabinIt is thanks to more and more sharp techniques that our teams were able to realize this project. The cabin allowed our customer to protect the operator working on the boring machine Graffenstaden, and at the same time, to improve the productivity.Boring machine Graffenstaden cabine

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