Conveyor with hammered belt for the transport of screws after their wash

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

Conveyor with hammered metallic belt in the step of 63 mm allowing the transport of screw after their wash.
Once manufactured, screws pass in a washing machine, which once washed cross-posts them in our conveyor throught the gutter.

Our conveyor is then going to cross-post them somewhere else to allow the washing machine to release itself more easily from screws.
Thanks to this conveyor, our customer thus optimized the yield of his washing machine, and so improved the productivity of his line of production.

Hammered metallic belt in the step of 63 mm

Conveyor AL Industrie

Gutter for the unloading of screws

Conveyor gutter

Motorization – Torque Limiting

Motorization - Torque limiting

Electric boxes of order

Eletric boxes of order

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Hammered belt conveyingAL Industrie screw conveying

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