Scrapers conveyor in stainless steel with fits out immersed for the cooling of ashes

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

Here, a conveyor in stainless steel designed and made by AL Industrie for the cooling of ashes. This conveyor with fits out immersed draft between 0.3 and 0.5 cubic meters of ashes a day, according to the outside temperature.

He is equipped :

  • Of a system of filling of the back bin by solenoid valve for the water inlet,
  • Electronic level floats connected with the solenoid valve of filling,
  • A system of draining of the back bin by solenoid valve equipped with a timer,
  • With a feed hopper of ashes adaptable to the various exits of boilers,
  • Of a motorization with torque-limiting,
  • Completely knockdown back pine cogs.

This conveyor was studied by our engineering consulting firm so that our customer can optimize his productivity.

How does it work ?

Ashes fall in the conveyor by the hopper.
Being filled with water thanks to the automatic solenoid valves, the cooled conveyor ashes what created some steam. Ashes, them, flow slowly downward the conveyor until be collected by scrapers. Those one pull ashes except the water, then except the conveyor

It is when the vapor and the exit of ashes arrive that the water level falls, and it’s where intervenes the back bin which thanks to the ballcocks of water level, knows when, and in which quantity, to refill the conveyor.

Ashes conveyor

Swivelling stainless scrapers in the step of 63 mm

Conveyor with scrapers

Adjustable hopper for the load of ashes

Hopper for the load

Back bin equipped with solenoid valves, with a system of draining and with electronic floats

Back bin conveyor

Completely knockdown back pine cogs

Pine cogs conveyor

Motorization – Torque limiting

Motorization - Torque limiting

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Conveyor ashesScrapers conveyor

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