Band conveyor AL Industrie

Band conveyor with battens for an ALFING center

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

Here, this conveyor was conceived and made to recover screw going out of a machine of tempering ALFING.
Conveyor band of size 63 mm, provided with a motorized roller allowing the functioning of the cycle of the band, the tubular foot, and the electric boxes of command.
Conveyor working without engine, because the motorized roller supplied by the electric boxes of command are enough for its activity.

Band of the conveyor

Conveyor design

This band equipped with battens allows to evacuate the visserie while marrying perfectly the curves of gone back up by the conveyor.

Hight quality bolting

Hight quality bolting

Design by our engineering consulting firm

Fasteners conveyorDesign patenteed AL Industrie

This conveyor is going to allow our customer to optimize the recycling of its screw, and so to improve the productivity.

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