Conveyor technology scrapers specifically developed for the transport of mill scale from the unwinding of bobbins for reinforced concrete

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

In this case, these conveyor are conceived and made to get back falls of mill scale from machines intended to unwind bobbins for reinforced concrete.
These conveyors are going to feed a network of conveying which extracts falling tons of scale of the machines. These conveyors are going to allow our customer to optimize the evacuation of its waste, and so to improve the productivity.

Scrapers conveyor

Scrapers conveyor AL Industrie

Pine cogs avoiding the degradation of the chain

AL Industrie scrapers conveying

Motorization – Torque limiting

Conveying by scrapers

Completely pulled conveyor and mechanically protect by one motorcycle reducer with Torque-limiting of integrated couple. The slightest blocking connected to an outside incident activates the clutch when this one arrives at the critical couple. 

  • Motoreductor equipped with series
  • Regulation of the couple criticizes in the yellow case
  • Set coupled with a detector of rotation which informs you that the engine
  • Turns in the space

This mechanical system allows to guarantee that the blocking pulls no breakage of your conveyor.

Scrapers technology

These auto-swivelling raclettes allow to evacuate shavings while marrying perfectly the curves of gone back up by the conveyor.

Scrapers for conveyor

Design by our engineering consulting firm

AL Industrie conveyor

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