Shavings and parts conveyor, Metallic belt “Heavy series”

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

The conveyor T100 is equipped with a belt of transport in the step of 100 mm.
An exceptional robustness for the transport of big volumes. Conveyors guarantee 10 years thanks to a revolutionary conception patented. Designed steel boxes Anti wear with taxiways manufactured in the mass.
Conveyors with AL INDUSTRIE belt T100 ” Heavy Series ” allow to solve all your problems of evacuation. It is the most strong model of the range.

Belt “T100”

Mettalic belt T100

Box of the conveyor

  • Box patentee ” Anti wear ” Guaranteed 10 years ;
  • Raceways ” Anti wear ” ;
  • Hide in hinges high strength ;
  • Motorization with torque-limiting joined couple ;
  • Inclusive sensor of rotation ;
  • Pine Cogs of training manufactured in the mass ;
  • Proprietary system ” anti return shavings ” ;
  • Auto cleaning of the box.

Metallic belt for conveying of parts


The material to transport grave on our belt with high-strength hinge.
This one is taken partially high by rotation of the belt. If there is liquid, this one is evacuated in the box of the conveyor is got back by an optional pump.
All our conveyors can be designed with angles of gone back up to measure 0 – 30 – 45 – 60 – 70 degrees.

T100 conveyor AL Industrie plans

Rotating brush

Conveyor AL Industrie

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