Conveyor with trapdoor of points for sorts out shavings

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

The conveyors of model scrapers get back shavings of manufacturing by process of scraping. For the material 1, shavings go back up up to the head of the conveyor to be cross-posted in a container.
For the material of type 2, an automatic trapdoor opens in the ascent of the conveyor and lets shavings fall in a fireplace which manages them in another conveyor.

By this completely automated process we can thus sort out several materials.

Conveyors of shavings aluminum scrapers technology.

AL Industrie conceives, makes and installs every type of conveyor with custom-made shavings for machine tools unitarian or for a complete line of machines.
This installation allows the evacuation of shavings of 6 machines of manufacturing having each a flow of shavings of more than 110 liters/minutes or 40 000 l/hours all in all.
AL Industrie took care of the complete study, of the setting-up, of the manufacturing and of the installation of the set. This installation was realized then at our partner.

Boxes of order

AL Industrie boxes of order

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