Conveyor band specially developed for the evacuation of wooden shavings after grinding

AL Industrie Conceives, makes and installs any solutions of conveying.

This conveyor evacuates and sorts out the wood and the ferrous particles before evacuation. Pallets are crushed all in one piece, then shavings and nails fall in the conveyor. The conveyor evacuates the set of waste and rejects the wood in a container 1 and nails in a container 2. The sorting comes true via a magnetic system at the end of conveyor who allows to divert all the ferrous particles.

Pallets crusher HEIZOHACK

The shredder with pallets SPE on 1300 (in manual supply) was specifically designed for the grinding of pallets and wooden waste to make it wooden shavings of high quality. The crusher produces wooden plaques of a size of G30 to G50 by reaching a flow up to 30 pallets per hour.
The crusher consists of one against reversible knife and 36 rotary blades of cutting.
Savings in electric consumption are realized thanks to the absence of supply forced by some fuel, this one moving forward in the crusher vertically by simple gravity.
The training of the rotor is assured, as for him, by an electric engine via a band.

At the time of the design of the machine, a particular attention was brought to return the crusher simple to use and to reduce at the most the expenses of maintenance.

AL Industrie conveyor

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