Conveyor for a biomass boiler

AL Industrie conceive, makes and installs every types of conveyors in the service of all your problems of evacuation or food. Conveyors of shavings, conveyors of parts, conveyors of waste, conveyors of vrac … but also wooden conveyors and more particularly wooden plaques.

This application is intended to feed a boiler biomass with wooden plaques. The system of conveyor this below gets back plaques stored in a silo and transports them on the top of the boiler according to the request. The set is completely automated to allow a functioning completely piloted by the boiler Biomass.

A whole range of conveyor is dedicated to the wood industry for the conveying of every types of materials : conveyor sawdust, conveyor wooden shavings, conveyor wooden plaques, granular wooden conveyors, conveyor of ashes …
In the example presented this below, it is a question of feeding an industrial boiler biomass with wooden plaques. The system of conveyors gets back the wood of its location of storage and brings it directly to the point of food of the boiler. The wooden quantity is smoothed and calibrated according to the need for the boiler.

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