Dynamic Pit Covers for every case of application:

  • Walkable or not walkable
  • Automatically rolling up and unrolling
  • Equipable with anti-slip covering (Griptabe)
  • Unrolling lengths up to 20m and longer coverable supporting  width, depending from walkability, up to 4.5m

SSC protection system is specifically developed for protection and coverage of machine and workshop pits.
This retractor protector is installed at the end of the pit. It consists of a winding box and a reinforced stainless steel mat with non-slip strips.
Compact and very robust, the carpet is guided in two side rails that allow a wear-free movement.
This protection, which makes it possible to put safety standards all your pits of machines, resists to significant weights variable per the widths to be protected and the models used.

You can chose from the following rollup drives:

  • Worm Way for sliding the cover in
  • Can be rolled up in a housing
  • Exchangable Panels


The flexible cover-links are made from adonised aluminiumprofiles taken from the thodacon ALC Row (compare: apron covers or main catalogue)

Ask your estimate on contact@al-industrie.com !

Learn more on http://www.al-industrie.fr/ !

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